Bourscheid is a small village in the northern parts of Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Diekirch. Bourscheid has a population of approx 250 inhabitants.

There are several reasons to visit Bourscheid. The Bourscheid Castle, which is Luxembourg´s largest and one of the most impressive medieval castles. Bourscheid-Plage, the valley surrounded by the Sure River and the surrounding area which is popular by hikers. You can walk over days in the beautiful nature.

Luxembourg Bourscheid village 460x306 Bourscheid

The village of Bourscheid

Luxembourg Bourscheid fields 460x306 Bourscheid

View from Bourscheid

Luxembourg Bourscheid snow fields casatle 460x306 Bourscheid

View on castle Bourscheid from the snowy fields

Luxembourg View on Bourscheid Plage from Castle Bourscheid 460x306 Bourscheid

View on Bourscheid-Plage from the Castle

Luxembourg Castle Bourscheid by night 460x306 Bourscheid

Castle Bourscheid by night